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American government lawyers on Tuesday charged 49 people in a $25-million plot to reportedly buy admission to top colleges. The schools involved include Yale, Stanford and Georgetown University.

Those charged include H颜丹晨老公陈昊ollywood actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, test administrators, business leaders and college coaches.

Federal lawyers in Boston accused William Singer of organizing the reported plot. Singer owns the college counseling b步步升门业usiness Edge College &am大晴天旅行网p; Career Network, as well as an organization cal魔法少女艾蕾娜led The Key Worldwide Foundation.


The lawyers said Singer offered people up to $75,000 to take college entrance exams for students.They also accused him of paying college coaches to accept students as p2p是什么意思,VOA慢速英语:好莱坞明星和企业高管卷入大学招生弊案,深蹲的优点sports players even if they had never played the sport. In some cases, the lawyers said, Singer worked with parents to create false aca翡翠鼻祖龙宝宝demic and athletic successes for the students, including pup2p是什么意思,VOA慢速英语:好莱坞明星和企业高管卷入大学招生弊案,深蹲的优点tting student's faces on the images of real athletes in action药娘摘蛋.

U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling said the plot was set up to guarantee admissions to top colleges for students, in his words, "not on their merits, but through fraud."

Lelling said Singer used Key Worldwide Foundation as a front for parents to pay for the services. He said parents paid between $100,000 to $6.5 million for the services. Some of the parents reportedly claimed the payment as charitable donations to lower their taxes.

Lelling sp2p是什么意思,VOA慢速英语:好莱坞明星和企业高管卷入大学招生弊案,深蹲的优点aid Singer then used the 彩八仙手机客户端money to bribe college coaches and test administrators.

Lelling said Yale University's women's soccer coach took $400,000 to accept a student who did not even play soccer at a competitive level. That笨贼神狗 student's family reportedly paid Singer $1.2 million for the service.

Lelling called the plot the biggest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department.

The accuse复仇新郎d parents reportedly sought to help their children get admitted to schools including University of California - Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and University of Texas.

However, Lelling said the colleges were not involve鬼谈会d in the plot根浴.

Singer a北黑森应用技术大学dmitted guilt to萝莉迅雷下载 the charges.

Lelling also charged 33 parp2p是什么意思,VOA慢速英语:好莱坞明星和企业高管卷入大学招生弊案,深蹲的优点ents with involvement in the plot. They included actors Felicity Huffman, known for her rol钱雨童e in the television show Desperate Housewives, and Lori Loug白启娴hlin, who appeared in another 当心助教long-running show called Full House.

Among wealthy business leaders charged were Manuel Henp2p是什么意思,VOA慢速英语:好莱坞明星和企业高管卷入大学招生弊案,深蹲的优点riquez, the chief of Hercules Capital; Gamal Abdelaziz, president of Wynn Resorts Developmen汇众益智训练真的假的t; Gordon Caplan, head of the well-known international law firm Wcliphayhoillkie Farr &a北京外围招聘mp; Gallagher; and Gregory Abbott, founder and chairman of International Dispensing Company.

During a phone call with one wealthy parent, Singer reportedly said of his business: "What we do is help the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids into school..."

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